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Your specialist for healthy and vital trees

A high level of professional competence and enthusiasm for working with nature characterizes our professional tree care team.

With our wide range of services for private and corporate customers, property managers and municipalities, we offer tailor-made solutions all around the tree.

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tree care

Our goal is to contribute to the development and preservation of healthy and vital trees.

As a method of assessment with regard to the need for care and the traffic safety of a tree, we use the method of Visual Tree Assessment (VTA). This tried-and-tested evaluation procedure takes into account all the tree's site influences and allows us to define precise measures for tree care.

  • Road safety assessment according to VTA
  • Tree and soil conserving execution of tree care measures
  • deadwood removal
  • crown care
  • Kroneneinkürzung
  • Tree safety measures
  • root protection
  • Pest control, oak procession control
  • Site improvement, deep fertilization and irrigation

tree felling

One of our specialties is difficult precipitation. These arise when a tree is not free to fall because of its proximity to buildings, roads or power lines. Here we carry out tree felling according to the local conditions and according to the individual requirements.

The possibilities are manifold,

  • Removal of the tree with rope climbing technique in connection with abseiling techniques
  • Removal of the tree with lifting platform
  • Crane precipitation in combination with rope climbing technique
  • Routing rootstocks
  • chopping services
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  • Kettensäge auf Baumstumpf

Forestry Service

The enjoyment of forest as a habitat and sustainable forestry use is of great importance to us. With enthusiasm for this field of activity as well as our technical equipment, we perform forestry services for private forest owners as well as for public clients reliably.

  • Impact and wood harvest
  • Wertastung
  • Space out work
  • Precipitation of valuable wood, eg by previously removing the crown, significantly reduces the risk of tearing the trunks
  • Precipitation in protected tree stands
  • Timber transport up to 6m short wood on own vehicles, long wood up to 15m with suitable transport companies
  • Technique: winches, cranes, trailers, four-wheel tractors, shredders

Special solutions

The tasks in tree work are often very complex.

We develop solutions for a professional tree care, for effective tree control, for difficult felling, for forestry services, timber transport and root removal.

In special cases, we build cable cars, optimize transport routes and create opportunities.

We know how to organize tree work on busy roads or in remote forest areas and economically.

Contact us.

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"... Trees are living organisms with a species-related and beyond individual development and life expectancy.

Both by natural, biological processes (eg: death of branches in the crown in the absence of light, fragile Zwiesel, wood rot, diseases) as well as by other external influences can occur circumstances that affect the safety of traffic ... "

Technical possibilities:

Appraisals are made in our own expert office and with other surveyors after visual inspection, as well as detailed investigation.

  • Tree control and tree registry
  • Drilling resistance
  • Sound velocity measurement
  • Tensile test
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Individual solutions according to your ideas, we offer you with our partner company  "Otto Müller Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH" an.